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Art Clay Silver 650 Clay Type 7g

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When firing at the same time as the conventional paste type / syringe type, fire at the temperature of the conventional type.

● Art Clay Silver is a clay made of sterling silver fine powder, water, and a binder (binding material). When it is baked at a high temperature in the desired shape, the water and binder contained in the clay are burned down, leaving only sterling silver. Therefore, you can easily and easily make silver accessories without any knowledge or skills such as engraving. Of course, the purity of silver after burning is 99.9%. A sterling silver accessory such as SV925, which is much higher quality than silver products, is completed.
● 650 series that realizes fine silver skin and beautiful luster. It has excellent stability during firing and can be fired from 650 degrees, so it is also suitable for combination with other materials such as glass, ceramics, and metal fittings made of SV925.
● It can be done like a ready-made clay for modeling work such as rolling and stretching.

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¥4,063 ($31.69) tax included


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