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Art Clay Silver 950 25g

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Contents: 25g
Country of origin: Japan
Material: Art Clay Silver (Sterling silver fine powder, copper, water, binder)
Note: "Art Clay Silver 950" will be fired in an electric furnace. Cannot be fired on a gas stove

Adopting SV950 alloy, the hardness is about 60% higher than the conventional "Art Clay Silver".
The profound brilliance is also attractive. The purity of silver after firing is 95%.
You can make works that require strength and fine works, expanding the range of works. In addition, the surface hardness is significantly higher than that of sterling silver, making it difficult for the work after firing to be scratched.
* SV950 is a mixture of 95% silver and 5% copper. It is a silver alloy similar to SV925, which is often used in jewelry.
* Similar to Art Clay Silver, excessive bending may cause damage.

"Art Clay Silver 950" will be fired in an electric furnace. It cannot be fired on a gas stove.

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¥7,825 ($61.04) tax included


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