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Art Clay Silver 30g + 5g increase

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"Art Clay Silver 30g" which is a set of 10g of Art Clay Silver and 20g of Art Clay Silver, and a silver clay [35g] pack with an increased amount of [5g].
Country of origin: Japan / Silver clay 20g + 10 + (5g increase) Total price is 35g!
Material / Material: (Art Clay Silver) Sterling silver fine powder, water, binder
By adopting "fine sterling silver powder" with fine particles, it is suitable for combination with other materials such as glass, ceramics, and metal fittings made of SV925, and features a stable shrinkage rate and a beautiful luster after baking.
A low-temperature firing type silver clay that can be fired from 650 ° C.

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¥9,477 ($73.92) tax included


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